We provide all the necessary equipment for construction in the zero-cycle phase

NEMCO is a company that specializes in renting various types of equipment, including pumps, construction machinery, office containers, and cargo lifts. Our services are available to both builders and developers as well as private individuals.


NEMCO employees assess various factors to offer clients the most suitable solutions. These factors include the client's needs and requirements, equipment efficiency, and project budget. This ensures that the client is offered the best possible solutions that meet their needs and are cost-effective.
NEMCO offers maintenance and repair services to its clients to ensure that rental equipment is always in good working order. Our technical staff is qualified and experienced to perform maintenance and repair both at NEMCO service center and on-site, depending on the client's needs.
NEMCO provides equipment installation and removal services as needed to ensure that the client has appropriate and operation-ready equipment. Our engineers will also assist with delivery to ensure that the equipment is available and ready for use when needed.
NEMCO's 24-hour flexible service provides quick and effective assistance in the event of an accident or emergency, regardless of the time of day. Our experienced technical staff will come to the site to assess the situation and provide the necessary assistance.
NEMCO offers pump monitoring and refilling services to existing clients or those who rent fuel tanks.
NEMCO can also provide earthworks such as excavation, leveling, as well as other necessary equipment, machinery, and services for construction in the zero-cycle phase.
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NEMCO offers a wide range of services

NEMCO provides all the necessary equipment and services for launching of construction process to help our clients achieve successful construction projects. We offer a wide range of rental equipment, including pumps, construction machinery, office containers, and cargo lifts. Our experienced specialists work to provide high-quality equipment and services that meet our clients’ needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide flexible and effective solutions that help our clients achieve their construction goals.


NEMCO collaborates with companies such as Selwood, Containex, Geda, Sunward, and other reputable equipment manufacturing companies to ensure high-quality equipment and services for our clients.
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